we are bpi.

About us

We love our jobs! Who we are

We’re a mixed bunch - each actually quite talented in our own particular fields, be it technical, strategic or creative and who, when put together, are even greater than the sum of our parts - for us, collaboration is king.

We are passionate about designing seamless online experiences for your customers. Faultless. Engaging. Entertaining. Relevant.

Great User Centred Design (UCD) can help to establish the balance between meeting your customers’ needs and delivering against the needs of your business. Strategic thinking, defining a clear methodology and removing all of the guesswork, this is where we come in.


it’s the same coffee though! we look forward to your visit

Set up in 1995, bpi has always had a focus on UCD, and we've been involved in some amazing projects. We've built a virtual house for ICI, masterminded an online auction for Creme Egg (before eBay was born), launched Bertolli Olive Oil online, helped TNT build their customer base and developed the largest teachers portal in the world - and that was all before our fifth birthday!